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Around 200 BC, Rome (The Roman Republic) was a powerfull nation that spread its supremacy accross Europe and northern Africa, including Carthage. Hannibal (247 – 183 BC) was the commander-in-chief of the Carthaginian armies, who became very famous because of his achievement in the Second Punic War when he led a march of armies to conquered the Roman directly in their own land in Italy.

Carthage (now tunisia), is located in eastern side of the mediteranian sea in north Africa, on the map it is located below the italian peninsula, but Hannibal took a longer route by crossing the western side of mediteranian sea, landed in Gaul (Spain/France), the Pyrenees, the Alps, and numerous significant rivers to opened his way to Rome.

It is already looked like a mission impossible, moreover in that period, brought thousands of men that diverse in races and origin, horses, war elephants, and all of their supplies to the difficult path and climates, conquering every tribes that still have loyalty to Rome and gather many more supporters against Rome along his campaign.

But Roman is not without knowledge of his plan. The major battles were the Battle of Trebia, Battle of Lake Trasimene, and the bloodiest Battle of Cannae when Hannibal had his greatest victory over the Roman armies. It was from these battles and other battles after those, later, he will be known as a genius in strategy and military tactics. But Hannibal didn’t continue his invation to the capital city of Rome, He relied the rest by created an allies and induced political revolt to Roman power in surrounding cities and empires.

No more than 4 years after Hannibal expansion to Europe, the Romans has gained its power again, had learnt from their enemy, they faced them with new strategies and tactics, and the situation was then turned back, and Hannibal was forced to return to his homeland to defend it againts Roman power in Battle of Zama.

In some periods of peace time, Hannibal have opportunity to be the leader of his nation as the Shofet, or Chieft Magistrate, and successully made some reforms. But under the pressure of Roman power, Hannibal went into an exile voluntarily while still made some achievement. He was acted as military advisor to Antiochus III against Rome, but not succeed, worked as planner for new capital in Armenia, and help Prusias I of Bithynia achieved naval victory against Rome’s ally, King Eunemes II of Perganum. But later, Prusias agreed with the Roman to gave Hannibal up. Hannibal who refused to fall into his enemies’ hands, ended his life by taking poison in 183 BC.

Hannibal considered to be the greatest, fearest and cruelest enemy Rome ever faced.

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